Monday, April 4, 2011

After the S&R Rush...

Another late post, this has long been overdue. Supposedly after the S&R Sale, which was like 3 weeks ago. We were there early morning, though not that early compared to those who were already in the parking as early as 6:30 in the morning. We left around 8:30 and it was already jampacked when we got there. Yes, literally. I have to go around and look for an available cart for about 30 minutes. And even if you have a cart, there is no way you can get past the other carts. Arrgh! So what we did is just leave the cart in line for the cashier, then just put things in there as we go around. That was a grueling 4-5 hours! Good thing we all love S&R's food! With pizza, chicken and ice cream on the side, the wait was not really that tough. And by the way, I took photos of what I bought. More on the kitchen necessities, though. The best buys I can considerably say are the dishwashing liquids and the sponges, since they are buy1 take 1.hehe. There are a few more 'buy 1 take 1' items but didn't interest me much. And oh, Corelle was also on super sale, but their stocks weren't enough that everything got sold out on the first 2 hours after the store opened. Could've been another good buy. Though I still have a few dinner sets still in their boxes.

Me and hubby waited for that sale in order to get some Ben & Jerry's but it was only like P100 off. Not that bad anyway, so we got one - Chunky Money! Yeah! =) the other things we bought: Kool-aid Jammers, Swiss Miss choco marshmallow, and Kraft mac & cheese for my 5-yo; Nissin cup noodles seafood and honey ham - my hubby's fave, and all the other things for the kitchen.

Hope to hear another S&R sale mid this year! =)