Sunday, July 17, 2011

Miss you B...

I so miss blogging. Missed you, Blogger.hehe. I just couldn't find time to write new posts, or I am just lazily not wanting to. But I have been a little busy lately really, after my 'reliable' househelp of 3 years left. Oh, long story.

So I have been trying to figure out the whole 'housewife' idea, doing all the chores in the house. You name it - washing, cleaning, ironing, cooking, at the same time taking care of my 6-year old and Hubby. Quiet enjoying though, that you get to do all these for them. The first two weeks were so exhilarating that I easily snap out on the sight of small 'kalat'. I have awkwardly adjusted to the setup I believe, with the help of a little organizing and prioritizing on the sides. I was trying to look for another help but thought to myself that this will do for the moment. And it is hard to trust people nowadays, you know what I mean. So, goodluck to me! =)