Friday, October 1, 2010

Living Room Furnitures

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% mine. =)

It is really hard to find the perfect furnitures. It took us almost a month looking at Home Depots and Furniture Shops just to get the perfect one. Hubby decided to get a more sturdy one, considering that we may use it for quite a while, so we opted to get the hard-wood type. There's a thousand and one choices but mostly all upholstered-cushion kinds. Not our type.

After going around the city a few weekends just to get the perfect one, we finally tried at the Furniture Market in Marke-Market, Taguig, and alas! Aside from the ones they have on display, you can also take a look at their brochures and can even specify or personalize the dimension/color/material. WE decided to get the 3-seater sofa, with 2 single-seater and a center table. All for just around Php 35,000. Not bad, considering the material is already made of yakal(hard-wood) and cushions are of Uratex foams. Cover of the cushions are washable, so you don't worry about changing cushions once it gets dirty. It took them more than 3 weeks to make it, but it was worth it. We've been using it for 3 yeard now and it still lo0oks like new!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ultimate Food Taste Test 4.0

The Ultimate Food Tasting Test for the year - May 14, 2010, 7pm, NBC Tent, The Fort.

After an invite from a friend, off we went to Bonifacio High Street to see and witness and taste it for ourselves. Wow, it really was indeed ultimate!

My Score Sheet! =) With over 50 suppliers with 2 or more featured items, we didn't have the time to taste everything. I was able to drag along my 3 year-old, paying half of the adult's entrance for P200.It was a parade of flavors, ranging from starters to main course, to desserts! One of my personal favorites - Manila Q and their spicy Vigan longganisa. Yum!

Mr. Awesome Planet himself - Anton Diaz. Food bloggers or not, everyone had a great, ultimate food tasting time! =)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Little Princess

One of the first on the list in going to High Street - Club Princess. =)

A cute little store for your little princesses, with items from funky colorful bags to 'kikay' stuff. And a mini parlor too!

My little princess decided to get a flower tattoo, which only costs P95. You get to choose 3 colors, so she had pink, blue and orange. She loved it! Then silently whispered "Mommy. I want to still have this tattoo until I turn 16." That made me laugh. =)

Club Princess
Bonifacio High Street
Taguig City

Cupcakes by Sonja - not a two thumbs-up for me!

We had a couple of hours before the Ultimate Taste Test starts. So we went around High Street. Truly a splendid time with my little princess. =)

First stop - Cupcakes by Sonja. I have read a lot of comments about their Cupcakes, good and bad. So i thought it was good timing that we can finally taste it.

The store itself is interesting, I liked the cupcakes bouquet displayed on top of the shelves. Pretty yellow cupcakes in a pot, cute! =) My little girl was awed by the little cakes in different colors but just chose to have the mini ones. Maybe because we just baked a few batches last week for a friend's daughter's 2nd birthday. Green, orange and yellow Vanilla Sunshine, priced at P55 for the three. A little pricey I think, since I remember selling a box of 12 for these mini versions for only P80. And that was just last year! Or did I price it too low?

Anyway, the seats inside are occupied, so we went out to get a bite of the cakes. My daughter's first comment - "too sweet!" So I took a bite and yes, is indeed sweet. I ended up removing the frosting for her to just eat the cupcake itself. The cake was moist enough but I think it lacks a bit of vanilla flavor. "Your cupcakes are way better, Mommy!", she added. Aw, my sweet, loyal daughter. =) Good thing I didn't decide to get a couple big ones. Or maybe that tastes better. Maybe. I looked around and they have these on display- Banana Monkey Cream Pie, Mocha Motion, Mint Condition, Chocolate Surprise, and Red Velvet Vixen. Their cupcakes range from P55 to around P95 each, depending on the flavor. I'm not sure if I'm going to go back. Or if I am, might try the bigger ones.

Cupcakes by Sonja
First Level, Serendra Piazza
11th Avenue
Bonifacio High Street
Taguig City

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Back

I have asked myself to get back into blogging. Kinda missed it. So here I am. =)

Alas, it's my off! An early weekend as usual, from getting Friday and Saturday off. And I am excited to go to the Ultimate Food Taste Test tomorrow at the NBC Tent. Good thing our friend Eumir invited us over. And since it is a bonding day with my 5-year old princess, she is coming. My first time, so I'm really excited. =)

I'm planning to go there a little early, go around Serendra so we can still have some mother-daughter time. Not so sure if Hubby is coming, he has work. =(

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mom's Day!

It's been ages since my last post. Busy bee. Aargh! And since it is Mothers' Day, let me take this chance to greet all hardworking moms out there. We should celebrate, we all deserve it. =)

We had dinner last night at Racks to celebrate My Day. =) It was a simple dinner with our order of our favorite Baby Back Ribs and my little girl's macaroni and cheese. Another stomach-ful meal. Burp!

We went to Rustan's Supermarket after, to get a mini ice cream for Keisha. She chose Chocolate, which she later said that it's Mocha 'pala'. She noticed the bitterness in her cold dessert and suddenly blurted out " my favorite is still strawberry!".haha

I remember posting an entry last year, with technically the same details. Dinner at Racks and ice cream for dessert. Hmm.. That was a year ago. How time flies.. =)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Day of the Hearts was yesterday. But nothing so special for me, I mean I do not really take it as such a big deal. Even when I was still single, a few years back. It's nice to get a bouquet of roses, or a box of chocolates, yes, but that's just it. Don't call me KJ, because I think everyday can be special, not just on February 14. Hope you get what I'm trying to say here.hehe.
ButI did something new this year. Just to break my no-Valentine-gift-giving tradition. I bought a giant greeting card and mailed it to Hubby, so he'll get it as a susprise in the office. Hope he really was. Thought that was sweet. My first
Though we're going out later for a dinner treat for our little girl. Where to? Her fave resto - Racks. Because of the mac and cheese. And us, the ribs! Can't wait to pig out again. Sigh!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Post-Xmas Post

Another late post for me... Busy days..

Oh yeah, this is supposedly a continuation of my previous post. I talked about the menu, on what to prepare for the 'supposedly Christmas but turned out to be New Year Lunch' with my family. I practically just prepared two dishes: beef with mushrooms and a heathy tomato-based tuna pasta. Well, the latter, Hubby cooked it. =) It was just enough since three of my Titas brought Lengua, a Steamed Lapu-lapu and soem kind of a sauteed Chicken in tomatoes. And it was only us, a small family with visitors of about 6. More than enough. Still sitting in the dining table, chit-chats were exchanged, while a variety of desserts were served. My mother-in-law brought Fruit Salad, alongside with a moist chocolate cake and the sweet Leche Flan. All was good. Burp!