Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cookies, cookies... anyone?

Another personal favorite - oatmeal raisin cookies. As mentioned in my previous blog, I have been making baked goodies the past two weeks to eventually start my own little business. It's nice to get a few orders for the next day but sometimes feel like I'm still not into mass-production. I usually get tired after a second batch in the oven. With my 3-year old helping me do the 'sprinkles', but more on messing up the kitchen, it was a lot of fun! And getting comments and compliments, just make it more rewarding. ;-)

I also have the classic faves - choco chip cookies, together with banana walnut and moist chocolate cakes. I have these pictures available in my Multiply site, so you can check it out.

Got to go, got a few batches waiting for me. Ciao!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all super mommas out there, Happy Mother's Day! Our day... and I remember a year back when I first started posting on Blogspot. How time flies. ;-)

It was a simple bonding for us. Stayed home all day, did 'ayos' a lot of things. Heard Mass late afternoon and had dinner at our favorite resto - Racks. Yep, my 3-year old murmuring over and over again how she loved her mac & cheese, from the Church all the way to Magallanes.
Had a platter of the original Pork Ribs, hubby had a Quarter Pound Baby Back, and our little girl - a double large order of m&c. Burp! Headed home and a movie followed. Had Brownie Fudge ala mode, a new flavor from Selecta, while watching. What more can you ask for? Though now I get a little guilt from eating all out. And what happens to my Diet Watch?
Oh, by the way, last time I checked, it was still 127, but with an extra .4 lbs. And I just started eating rice about 5 days ago. Now I'm wondering if I'm still on the 20's mark. Let's wait till my next weigh-in. ;-)
Oh well, it's late. Will post some new pics tomorrow. Good night!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm Back!

Oh, it's been ages since my last post.. I'm already having this feeling that this could pass as a dormant account now.. Not really, 'coz I'm gonna be back. With a lot more to share. ;-)

I'm currently busy with my baking venture. Uh-huh, a tiny-weenie business I just started about a couple of weeks ago. Excited at the same time tensed..

Good luck to me.. ;-)