Friday, February 27, 2009

My Diet Watch II

A week after my desperate move to 'diet' myself...

Not really giving me a very significant change, but one pound is not bad at all.haha! Oh yeah, only a mark on the weighing scale, but that won't stop me. Another week more and we'll see.

I have been religiously following my 'riceless' diet, stuffing my tummy with bread, wheat and sometimes just white, and my favorite orange sweet potato. I still eat the usual meal, just omitting the sinful rice in my plate.

I have tried to do a little walking just around the village last week, with my 3-year old chit-chatting with me. Been thinking if I can try jogging. Maybe after I get my sneakers off somewhere, still trying to figure out where I last placed it.

So for the record, one week - one pound lost.. Hope to maybe get two or three more off next week.. :)