Thursday, May 13, 2010

Getting Back

I have asked myself to get back into blogging. Kinda missed it. So here I am. =)

Alas, it's my off! An early weekend as usual, from getting Friday and Saturday off. And I am excited to go to the Ultimate Food Taste Test tomorrow at the NBC Tent. Good thing our friend Eumir invited us over. And since it is a bonding day with my 5-year old princess, she is coming. My first time, so I'm really excited. =)

I'm planning to go there a little early, go around Serendra so we can still have some mother-daughter time. Not so sure if Hubby is coming, he has work. =(


Mayet said...

hi, it's been awhile. glad you're back...

dHomemaker said...

hi mayet! yeah, i missed it. =)
and that reminds me to update your URL on my page. =)