Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer is officially here!!!

Yes, March officially marks the start of summer here in the Philippines. Though we are going to experience a "rainy" summer this year according to PAG-ASA, we simply cannot deny that it's still going to be a long and hot season for us.

And the beach comes to mind when we talk about summer. The sun, the sand and the water... a breath-takiong view. A lot of us, especially girls, tend to do some preparation, in one way or another, to get ready for summer! And one on the list is the swimsuit.

Since I am into a bit of online retail business, I found these super-sexy swim collections from Victoria's Secret. Not that I am asking you to check the site since I am now pooling orders, but just to share something that might interest you. =)

Here are a couple of the many personal favorites: