Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have not been able to jot down for a few weeks now, been really busy with work.

And speaking of work, I just remember something me and my colleagues talked about earlier. A diet challenge, they call it 'the Biggest Loser'. Yeah, just like the reality show. It's just that you are to give P500 to be added to the pot money, for whoever has the 'plentiest fats' removed. Haha! For you to get qualified for the Final Round, you have to have at least lost 10 lbs, for only a month. You heard it, Finals will be early December. Oh, I was so tempted to join. But a big part of me is telling me not to. Depriving myself of food is such a very hard challenge for me, considering that I love cooking and I simply love eating. :)

So I decided to pass on that one. Maybe next time...

I may just need to add a bit more of my will power, to lose even just a few pounds from my current 125 mark. That, before the Holidays begin. To get a bigger room for Noche Buena! ;)

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Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

haha. 10 lbs in a month...hmmm. i'd pass on that one, too. pass out. hehe.