Monday, October 20, 2008

Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen

I haven't been able to blog lately because of my super-duper busy schedule. And during day offs, I tend to prioritize the 'more' important things than cooking. Though I'm not saying that it's not, it's just that I need to render my free time family first. And when lucky, I am sometimes able to squeeze in cooking, since it is also for my little girl and hubby's stomachs. :-).

I had to steal a little of my free time to view photos on desiretoinspire, and here I am again, going ga-ga over these kitchen pics.

Dreaming is for free, I tell you... ;-)


Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

oooh, center island...drool...

Allen's Darling said...

Hi SIster

Very nice photo there... i guess the owner is very rich.See yah interested to xlinks just buzzz me