Saturday, December 6, 2008

Officially Christmas!

Oh my, just how fast time flies. It's officially Christmas, 18 more days and counting... I can't explain the little joy it brings me even just thinking about the Holidays. It's maybe the gifts that excite me.. or the food.. or maybe simply because it's Christmas, which only comes once a year. Which I always look forward starting January. :)

I have prepared our Christmas Tree right after Halloween, with the help of my little girl, and her constant chore of changing balls from here to there. But it was fun, nonetheless. :) I also have officially started my gift wrapping the other day, starting with the time-consuming paper bags for knick-knacks. I was able to make a few, completing the list from my office and Hubby's. Then the bigger boxes should follow.. maybe next weekend. So my next picture should already be with the presents underneath. :)