Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

To all super mommas out there, Happy Mother's Day! Our day... and I remember a year back when I first started posting on Blogspot. How time flies. ;-)

It was a simple bonding for us. Stayed home all day, did 'ayos' a lot of things. Heard Mass late afternoon and had dinner at our favorite resto - Racks. Yep, my 3-year old murmuring over and over again how she loved her mac & cheese, from the Church all the way to Magallanes.
Had a platter of the original Pork Ribs, hubby had a Quarter Pound Baby Back, and our little girl - a double large order of m&c. Burp! Headed home and a movie followed. Had Brownie Fudge ala mode, a new flavor from Selecta, while watching. What more can you ask for? Though now I get a little guilt from eating all out. And what happens to my Diet Watch?
Oh, by the way, last time I checked, it was still 127, but with an extra .4 lbs. And I just started eating rice about 5 days ago. Now I'm wondering if I'm still on the 20's mark. Let's wait till my next weigh-in. ;-)
Oh well, it's late. Will post some new pics tomorrow. Good night!