Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Post-Xmas Post

Another late post for me... Busy days..

Oh yeah, this is supposedly a continuation of my previous post. I talked about the menu, on what to prepare for the 'supposedly Christmas but turned out to be New Year Lunch' with my family. I practically just prepared two dishes: beef with mushrooms and a heathy tomato-based tuna pasta. Well, the latter, Hubby cooked it. =) It was just enough since three of my Titas brought Lengua, a Steamed Lapu-lapu and soem kind of a sauteed Chicken in tomatoes. And it was only us, a small family with visitors of about 6. More than enough. Still sitting in the dining table, chit-chats were exchanged, while a variety of desserts were served. My mother-in-law brought Fruit Salad, alongside with a moist chocolate cake and the sweet Leche Flan. All was good. Burp!


Mayet said...

glad to know that your are posting again. btw, can you pls change my link from to

thanks so much.


dHomemaker said...

hi mayet,

good to hear from you again. =)
sure, will update the link.