Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

Another year has passed...

Happy new year, everyone! Yeah it's kinda late, but I hope we were able to greet all those who made our 2010 great. There's a lot of things to be thankful about, good health, happy family, good friends, not to mention all the material things we got for the past year. And including the Christmas presents.hehe.

I got a brand new phone from Hubby, who, I think pitied my crazy-but-still-working Nokia 6600 slide. Yeah, got a few runs to have it repaired but still not working properly. And since I just resigned from work last month, I cannot afford to get a new phone, how much more the drooling I-must-have Iphone 4. Oh well, my new Nokia X03-02 works just perfectly great and I am good with it. =)

The holidays surely bring us a lot of great and no-so-great stuff, huh. The Christmas presents under the Christmas tree, the decorations and flickering lights inside the house, the Christmas carols outside, the reunions and family gatherings. And the food! I know, there is just something about Christmas that excuses us to stop the diet for the mean time. And that is the not-so-great stuff I was saying earlier. =( Tita's special lengua, Mama's creamy chicken potato salad, Auntie's sinful ref cake. And the list goes on and on and on. Ugh! Can't help it, it's Christmas! And eating the leftovers until the first two days of the new year.ahaha.

And soon enough finding yourself hating your appetite. You're not alone, sisters! =) So I guess it's now time to slowly burn those extra pounds we gained to better start the year right, don't you think? Yeah, I need more convincing. =)