Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year, New Work

I resigned from work December of last year. Yes, I am unemployed. Doesn't sound so good but something I wouldn't want to argue about when you ask me the reason why. I spent a few sleepless nights just to ponder on the thought that I would soon be jobless, meaning no earnings of my own. But the main reason is something deeper.

I have to quit my job and stay home so I can be with my 5-year old. A little odd, huh? Well, me and my husband have been in the call center industry for abut 8 years now, and he still is. I got assigned to the graveyard shift third quarter last year. And that changed my perspective in life. Or should I say, helped me decide on things that I have been holding back since years before. Maybe my body was not anymore used to the sleep-in-the-morning, up-all-night scheme, after spending quite a few years in the morning shift. Or maybe I just got tired with the pressure it's giving me, deliverables and all, that haunts me even if I am already home. Or maybe I got fed up. Or maybe I had enough. Maybe, but one clear reason is because I want to be home for my daughter. With both the parents out for the night to work, leaving the poor girl with just the house help for company? Not an ideal picture.

So here I am, starting the new year with a new position - SAHM. Stay-at-home MOM. The pay? Doesn't say much. But the benefits? Truly rewarding. Sending your daughter off to school and seeing her come back home, helping her with homework, watching TV and playing together... priceless.


Yeyo said...

i'd do the same...:) when it comes to our children, they will always be the priority!

Mayet said...

and I was thinking of finding a job:(

dHomemaker said...

@ yeyo - yeah, we really can relate. =)
@ mayet - this is something new for me, so I am excited. depending on the outcome of this new online thingy i am doing, but getting a real job might still be an option in the future. =)