Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting a Ride

It was raining all day Saturday, the day typhoon Ondoy hit Manila. It spent a grueling 3 hours on the shuttle line just to get a ride home. But still lucky me, with others worried about the flood water going inside their houses, losing valuables and even some, their loved ones.

That's when i thought about getting my own ride. A big decision I should say, considering that we're talking about hundreds of pesos here. The one that we're using can't have me and hubby use it at the same time, so maybe it's about time for me get one myself. I'm not really wishing for a brand new piece, a used car would do. And I stumbled upon this site, which really helped me. The site, an Online Car Search, doesn't just help you find, search and buy. It got a lot of other helpful things on their site too. Whether you're thinking of buying a car, new or used, cash or lease.

This I need to consult to hubby. Maybe after I'm done with my driving lessons. :)