Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Your Crib

It has been a challenge getting a house of our own. After living for almost 4 years in a rented apartment, I realize just how much we could have saved if those monthly leases were saved. But considering expenses on daily commodities and a lot more, that was the only option we had. Until we were able to save enough to get ourselves our own roof. Constructing a brand new house is of course no joke, much thanks to my father-in-law who offered us the lot and also shelled out on getting the house up.

I read about this company which operates and manages commercial and residential properties. Real Property Management, service single family homes, condos, apartment buildings, store fronts, and Homeowner associations. You can browse through the site all about their Management Services, Rental Search, Tenants or Owners, as well as Investment Services. It it was available in the Philippines, I could asked help from them. Giving yourself too much stress from selecting the tiles to the furniture color is just too much that eats much of your time. Taking the hassle out of managing it yourself. It could have been an easier project to have them assist you in times like this. Reason why I suggested this to a friend who is in the Cincinnati area.