Thursday, June 19, 2008

Carinderia - Who is Petra & who is Pilar?

Oh gosh, I would wanna share this hilarious experience we had just to find Petra & Pilar. Read on...It was shared to us by a couple of our Titas when they purchased their famous 'corned beef' at the Saturday market, Salcedo Park. We had it for merienda paired with ciabata bread. Saying they got the address from a newspaper, off we went last rainy Sunday afternoon, planning to get a sumptuos dinner at the said 'carinderia'. You know what?!? They got the address 2311, instead of 2111. As you would expect it, we were searching for the place around the Mantrade area. Yeah, I know we're way off the right location. We had to do a few u-turns and breaks just to ask if they ever heard about Petra & Pilar. Hmmm... people we've asked definitely didn't hear the names yet. Until it took us about an hour, so exhausted, we ended up eating at a Japanese resto within the vicinity we were in. Sad and frustrating...And then one sunny day, I found my way walking the sidestreet near Makati Med to get a document certified, and guess what?!? I found the 'carinderia'. The least expected time. So it was just there all along. It was funny, thinking that we were on the other end of Pasong Tamo looking for the spot.haha!So we're planning to eat out this weekend, where else..... to finally meet Petra & Pilar. :-)