Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pic Pac!

Gosh! I really need to get a new camera, now that I have to post pictures of the recipes I will be featuring. :-) Oh yeah, I'm left with only my camera phone after we sold our Casio Exilim digicam about 3 weeks ago. Twas just 3 years old but had to get rid of it since it's already showing signs of old age. :-) The problem that I have with my camera phone is the picture being so blurry, considering it's only 2 megapix. And since I have no USB with the phone, I have to send it first to my email and save it. Too much work and the photo quality is not that good.
Anyway, I'll try to check if budget permits me so, before purchasing a brand new one. I'm so excited!:-)