Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cloth, Dish Towels and Sponges

Just before lunch earlier, I was doing the last-minute cleaning in the kitchen when I realized something. One thing we can't live without... that definitely needs to be clean, I mean, germ-free clean. So when I got online, I immediately searched for a solution. Read...

"Cloths, dish towels, and sponges are a breeding ground for germs. In one study of kitchen bacterial contamination, 20 percent of the dishcloths and 12 percent of the sponges contained salmonella, a leading cause of food-borne illness. Since food-borne bacteria can double in number every 20 minutes in some conditions, it's important to wash towels and sponges often in hot water and liquid bleach. A convenient way to disinfect dish cloths and sponges in-between washings is to soak for 5 minutes in a solution of 3/4 cup household liquid bleach and 1 gallon warm water. Ideally, kitchen surfaces should be disinfected daily."

So as you see, it's not just enough to wash it with soap and water. Hmmm... Easy step to get those germs away!