Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fastfood fast food!

Was in the office today. I know, it's a Sunday! Oh well, not an ordinary Sunday for me at work. Did a lot of errands, trying to catch up the last day of submission of reports. Whew! And since the Cafeteria upstairs is closed on Sunday, or should I say-only left with one store open with re-heated food from last night's, we didn't have any option left but to go out to grab a meal. Unless you want bread and just about anything edible at Mini-Stop. The nearest fastfood that we can find is Mc Donald's. After deciding to a 'no' at KFC. Tough choice. Oh yeah, had a meal of burger and large fries and a Coke float. Burp!

My hubby, with my little girl picked me up at work and had to meet a friend for a business talk. Have to go by a drive-thru for a quick bite, and guess where?!? Another McDo meal. Gosh, twice in a day. That, after another yum at Jollibee yesterday, from my daughter's kiddie meal.

Gotta lose those calories. I wish...


Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

wow, super-size me! very tempting...


Mayet said...

you need to stop working on Sunday!! ; )
have a lovely wkend!

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