Saturday, August 2, 2008

a girl's room

I was blog hopping, when I found this cool site Desire To Inspire, a blog about inspirational design photos. Nice photos, that made me salivate over home designs and what-have-yous. Frustrated that we have yet to move to our new place, excited as well to use some of these photos as inspirations.

I have been thinking and been extracting my brains out of nice ideas for the new house. Living room, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, dining area and the kitchen. That's everything I need to get in order, since I was the one tasked to do it, Hubby as the financier. LOL! I already have bits of ideas on how and what to present, and I just can't wait to move in. The house is all ready, but I guess we have to wait for a month (or a few more) for the power line to get connected.
Look at this little girl's room here (pic), cute! I will see if I can possibly manage to turn my kiddo's room into this (wish), or even just a portion of it. The curtain effect (how do you call that?) over the bed is just magical. One of my frustrations maybe, getting a nice pink bedroom. Why pink? It's hard to find a non-pink girl's room, they say. I agree...