Saturday, August 2, 2008

Grocery Saturday

It's finally weekend, my off! And I'm scheduled to do the grocery today. Hubby is not around, in Davao attending an office event. Came home around 2pm (since shift ends at 1-on a Saturday), finding my kiddo taking her afternoon nap. Might as well get a few minutes myself before heading to the supermarket. Had about 45 minutes...
Had to take my Mama and Yaya with me since finding everything in your grocery list with a 3-year old is just way too time-consuming. On the list were the basics: meat, some veggies, eggs (my little girl is an egg monster), the dairies, toiletries, laundry aids, kitchen knick-knacks. And the bread supply for the week, grabbed a few pan de sals. We usually buy bread for the week's consumption but I usually end up buying some more by mid-week. Storing it inside the ref is a good way to keep its freshness, just make sure you toast it before taking a bite.
Went home nine-ish, since we strolled a bit in the mall and bought some personal stuff. Got myself 2 pairs of pants, one slacks (for the office) and another one for dress-down. Good buys. :-) Went to bed at 10pm, had to make sure my li'l girl doesn't stay up late. Due to a call of nature, woke up 3am to go to the bathroom and here I am doing this. Have to get a couple more hours of sleep before officially starting my weekend.